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$30 Mystery Skull!

Hand-carved, realistic style 2" skull... MYSTERY EDITION!


I am expecting a huge shipment of skulls in next week, and because I got a good deal on a bulk order... I am passing that on to you guys with a fun mystery box deal!

These high quality skulls normally retail between $40-80+ depending on the material. With our mystery offer, you can score a great discount on a beautiful new skull for your collection. Or, if you don't have any skulls yet... this is the perfect time to add one!


Please fill out the field with any skull materials that you may already have... so we do not send you any duplicates! You may also put in one or two materials that you do not want. Because this is a mystery box... we ask that you don't request any specific materials. However, feel free to list a few colors that you may be drawn to.


Multiple skulls can be purchased by choosing a different quantity.


There is also an option for a Mystery Box ADD-ON... where you can choose an additional $20-50 to be added to your mystery box. With add-ons, we will add another crystal or two from one of our new shipments... and/or candles & jewelry!


Please use code OPENBOX to avoid shipping costs if you already have an open box with us, or if you'd like to start one.

$30 Mystery Skull!

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