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Skull Diffusers

Our car/air freshener is a scented car diffuser that will make your car smell amazing, and it looks cute too! This 10mL diffuser comes pre-filled with the fragrance of your choice, different crystal gemstone chips, and will last 60+ days with typical use.


All fragrance oils are non-toxic, and phalate free.


Instructions to use your diffuser:



Unscrew the lid and remove the inner stopper.



With the stopper still removed, screw the lid back on, ensuring it is secure.



Tilt the bottle upside down for 3-5 seconds, to allow the fragrance to soak the wood. The scent is then released slowly over time. Even when the oil itself is gone, the lid will still release its fragrance for weeks, even months, afterwards.



Adjust the string to your preferred length, and hang where desired.


After time... as your fragrance weakens, you can repeat the steps to re-soak the wood.

Skull Diffusers

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