Hidden Ring Candles // October

8 oz. hand-poured soy candle, with a hidden ring surprise!


Each candle contains a handmade sterling silver ring, retailing in price anywhere from $11 - $80


***ONLY 1 LEFT***
Size 10


Studded stackers, Mountain Wave rings, flashy Rainbow Moonstone, or Black Onyx... which one will your candle contain?!


Scented in Pumpkin Soufflé


Freshly-cooked pumpkin with notes of pecan, caramel, ginger, cinnamon, walnut, espresso, and allspice.


Topped with biodegradable glitter.


*comes with a matching white lid.




Instructions for your hidden ring candle:


1. Burn candle until you begin to see some foil peeking through. All rings are packed in a little plastic (recycled) baggie, and wrapped in tinfoil.


2. Make sure enough of the foil is showing where you are able to safely grab it without destroying the rest of the candle/wax.


3. Blow out your candle and use tweezers to grab the foil from out of the wax.


4. Let the foil cool before unwrapping and revealing your new piece of handmade jewelry!

Hidden Ring Candles // October